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  Front End

The fastest changing landscape in software development is front end web technologies. Two Guys In Design has experience with several emerging as well as established JavaScript frameworks and technologies including BackboneJS, AngularJS, JQuery, EmberJS, MarionetteJS and many others.

  Thick Client

In addition to web development Two Guys In Design also provides software development in the desktop space. We can also tie together multi-tier and front end clients to your thick client software to deliver seamless transition for your internal and external customers and application users.

  Process Automation

One of the things that Two Guys In Design has broad experience in and does very efficiently is process automation. By leveraging modern technologies and platforms we can bring process automation to your business along with cost savings and business intelligence.

  Resource Management

Sometimes projects require technical leadership and resource management. Two Guys In Design has experience with managing small and large teams of developers and fostering a learning and cooperative environment.

  Agile Development

Two Guys In Design is a big fan of Agile development practices. But we understand not every company and corporate team has the capability to work in an Agile fashion. We can help bring some of the better principals of Agile development to large teams without disrupting the status quo while improving code quality and team dynamics.


We believe strongly in test driven development. We work closely with clients to utilize TDD practices as much as possible and where applicable in projects. Well tested code is easier to refactor, delivers higher quality from the onset and generally leads to good coding practices through analyzing solutions prior to implementation.

Meet the Team

Christian Oestreich

Christian Oestreich

I am a Technical Architect and Software Developer working and living in Minneapolis. I have been developing software professionally since 1998. I have worked and/or contracted at many fortune 500 companies including UnitedHealth Group, Best Buy, ING, Ingersol Rand, Donaldson, Jostens, Wells Fargo. My history is diversified between .Net and Java technologies.

In addition to programming I am also an avid biker, runner and triathlete. On July 31, 2010 I completed the Vineman 140.6.